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फ़ंगस इनफ़ेक्शन का इलाज || Fungal Infection Treatment

August 14, 2019

Hi friends, today I will be talking about fungal infections. Fungal infections are also known by their symptoms of itching and redness. Nowadays the weather is hot and the rains have also begun. People usually suffer from fungal infections in this kind of weather which can occur anywhere from our head to toes. Today I will be speaking about fungal infections that happen on our body and also specifically about fungal infections in the groin area. The fungal infection that occurs on the body is known as Tinea Corporis And the fungal infection occurring in our groin area is called Tinea Cruris. How does fungus infect our body? We should know that fungus spreads through contact with each other. That is why this is usually transmitted between family members or school kids acquire it through contact with each other when they play, walk, hold hands etc with each other How can this infection be transmitted between family members? If even one person gets a fungal infection then their towel, comb, brush, pillows, bedsheets etc also carry fungal spores and can infect others if they use these items. Similarly, if you have dogs or cats in the house, then they are often prone to getting fungal infections in the monsoons. And if we come into contact with their infected skin, then we can also pick it up from them. Besides this, if you go to public swimming pools, then their mats towels etc which may have been used by a person suffering from fungal infections can transmit the infection to you also. Another place from where people often pick up fungal infections is the hairdresser or the beauty parlour. if their instruments have not been cleaned properly Or if their linen has not been cleaned properly then you can pick up fungal infections through these agents. What are the symptoms of fungal infections? The most common fungal infection that people suffer from is known as Tinea Versicolor In this condition, round, red dry patches develop on the skin especially on the back, chest, shoulders and neck and these patches also cause itchiness. These patches appear as light marks on people with dark skin whereas those who have fair skin exhibit darker patches. Another type of fungal infection that happens on our skin is called Ringworm. It is called so because it has a red, inflamed border enclosing a circular patch of normal looking skin. So this infection gives the appearance of “Rings” on the skin, hence it is called Ringworm. Ringworm either occurs in 2-3 isolated patches on the skin. Or these patches are found all over the body, which also causes a lot of itchiness. What do fungal infections in the groin area look like? Now I will talk about the fungal infection which occurs in the groin area. If men wear tight clothing and they also tend to sweat a lot in their groin area then they are prone to getting this fungal infection, especially in the monsoon season. The worst thing about this infection is that it itches a lot. Which topical creams can be used to treat fungal infections? Now I will speak about the treatment of fungal infections which occur in the groin and elsewhere in the body. For treating these infections, topical creams are usually used. Such as Clotrimazole Cream, Miconazole Cream & Terbinafine Cream. You can apply these creams in the following way – After having a bath in the morning you should apply these creams properly on all the affected areas. There is no need to wash off the creams at night, but you should apply them once again before sleeping. These anti-fungal creams must be used twice a day for atleast 2 weeks. And if necessary, then they should be applied for 3-4 weeks. Usually when people notice an improvement in their condition after 5-6 days then they stop using the cream. And then the fungal infection returns as soon as the effect of the cream decreases after a few days. The fungal infection that happens in the groin area causes a lot of itching And to reduce this itching, you can mix a small amount of 1% Hydrocortisone cream in your anti-fungal cream this can help to reduce the itching quite a bit. But as soon as there is a decrease in itchiness you should immediately discontinue the use of Hydrocortisone cream. Because Hydrocortisone is a steroid and you should never use Steroids on your skin for extended periods. Steroids cause the skin to become thin whereby they can enter your blood stream. How to use Ketoconazole Lotion? In order to completely heal your fungal infection, besides applying creams you can also utilize 2% Ketoconazole lotion. The method of usage is as follows – First off have a thorough shower with clean water thereafter apply the 2% Ketoconazole lotion all over your body like soap. Leave it on for 5 minutes, and then wash it off with Lukewarm water. The advantage of this is that even if there are small fungal infections on the skin which you have missed or you have not seen then this lotion reaches those areas and helps to completely rid the skin of all fungal infections. 2% ketoconazole lotion should be used twice daily for atleast 2 weeks. Thereafter you should use this lotion TWICE a week for 2 WEEKS. And finally, you must use Ketoconazole lotion ONCE a week for 3 MONTHS. This will ensure that the fungal infection does not return and give you trouble. Besides this, those who are suffering from fungal infection in the groin area or who have repeated bouts of fungal infections on the body should thoroughly dust their entire body with 1% Clotrimazole Powder after having a bath. This prevents fungus from growing on the body. Use of Oral Medicines to treat Fungal Infections If after all this, you are still suffering from fungal infections. then you will have to take oral medicines to combat it. For this you must visit your doctor and get a prescription from them and then follow the prescribed course of medicines. Oral medicines include Griseofulvin, Terbinafine, or Fluconazole tablets. These tablets must be eaten for atleast 4-6 weeks. The exact dosage, as well as duration of medication will be told to you by your doctor. What to do in case of repeated fungal infections? Friends, if you suffer from repeated bouts of fungal or bacterial infections then you must go to the hospital and have a thorough check up done. There are many illnesses which severely weaken the body’s natural immunity. For example Diabetes and AIDS Besides this, people who have taken long courses of anti-biotics also have weakened immune systems Similarly, those who have undergone kidney, liver, heart transplants etc are given immunosuppressant drugs, which weaken their body’s capacity to fight illnesses. Such people are very prone to fungal and bacterial infections. If you are suffering in this way then please go to the hospital and have a thorough check-up done. Hope you have liked my video and that it has helped you Please keep watching my videos and comment below if you have any questions. Thank you!


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