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नाखून की फ़ंगस इन्फेक्शन का ईलाज || Treating Fungal Infection In Nails

August 18, 2019

Hi friends, today we will be talking about the fungal infection that happens in the nails We will talk about what it looks like, and how to treat it. Causes of Fungal Infections in Nails Fungal infection in the nails occurs in the nails of the hands or feet and starts off looking like a white or yellow stain, under the nail Slowly, the entire colour of the nail gets spoiled the nails get crooked and distorted and also starts getting brittle and thick which makes it very weak and easy to break However, there is no itching present and neither is there any pain but sometimes there is inflammation accompanied by burning sensation and the nail begins to hurt. This infection can happen to a single nail or 3-4 nails or it can even happen in all the nails together This infection happens more in the toenails It happens more in the elderly Those people who are suffering from diabetes, liver and kidney disorders are also susceptible to this infection What this means is, that the people whose natural immunity, or resistance to infection is lower due to illnesses are more easily attacked by fungal infections Those people who wear close toed shoes day and night and also those whose feet are more sweaty than usual and also those people whose hands and/or feet are continuously immersed in water due to work are the most vulnerable to nail fungal infections How to prevent fungal infection in nails? So that we do not get fungal infection in our nails what precautions should we take? We should keep our hands and feet clean by cleaning them properly with soap and water Wear cotton socks on your feet, and make sure you wash your socks daily before wearing them Put shoes under a fan to dry them off, after taking them off your feet, especially if they are close toed shoes. This will ensure that all the sweat dries out from the shoe Put Anti-Fungal powder in old shoes before wearing them And refrain from walking around bare feet near swimming pools and saunas Always wear slippers when in such places Because roaming around barefoot can cause the fungal spores contained in water to latch onto your skin/nails In the beauty parlour, make sure that while having a pedicure or manicure done clean instruments are used. In beauty parlours, dirty/infected nail cutters and nail files, and also towels and creams are the most common vectors of transmission for nail fungal infections Also, minimise the usage of nail polish and artificial nails. Treatment of nail fungal infections Because there is very little blood flow in the nails that is why the treatment of nail fungal infections has to continue for many months and oral medicines also have to be taken for long periods If you have a fungal infection in your nails and if you scratch your head or your body with the infected nails then there is a strong possibility of acquiring fungal infections in the scalp and body through the nails If you leave this illness untreated for a long time then nails will get completely ruined and fall off In order to treat nail fungal infection you will have to get cream which can be applied on nails and medicated nail polish and also oral medication. First of all, trim your nails short and do it neatly Next, file them down properly, using a good nail file then soak your hands and/or feet (wherever the infection is), in warm water with salt added to it After this wipe your hands/feet dry with a cloth or towel Then you can take either MICONAZOLE CREAM, or KETOCONAZOLE CREAM or CLOTRIMAZOLE CREAM and rub it in properly like this into the affected nails You must do this before sleeping at night so that the medicine is able to take affect all night long on the nails You can also apply CICLOPIROX NAIL POLISH to your nails for 7 days For 7 days, keep adding successive layers of Ciclopirox Nail Polish to the affected nails every day After 7 days of daily application, clean the nails properly with Nail Polish Remover and then repeat the application of Ciclopirox Nail polish for another 7 days You will have to repeat this cycle for atleast 6 months OR you will have to continue this cycle, until a completely new and healthy nail does not emerge fully Besides medicines which are applied (creams and nail polish), there are also oral medicines such as terbinafine griseofulvin or Itroconazole which have to be consumed for 6-12 weeks By doing all these prescribed treatments simultaneously, the fungal infection gets cured and a new, healthy nail emerges from within So friends, the fungal infection in nails is a kind of a stronghold of fungus in your nails and wherever these infected nails contact your body or wherever you scratch yourself there is a risk of transmission of fungal infection So you must absolutely treat this infection at the earliest Friends, I hope you have liked my video Please ask any questions in the comments below and I will try my best to give you a good answer Thank you.


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    00:16 – नाख़ून मे फ़ंगस इन्फेक्शन के क्या कारण हैं।
    01:47 – नाख़ून के फंगल इन्फेक्शन से कैसे बचें।
    03:06 – नाख़ून के फ़ंगस इन्फेक्शन का ईलाज दवाइयों से कैसे करे।

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