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क्या वाकई CORONA VIRUS AMERICA का एक BIOLOGICAL WEAPON था जिससे CHINA को बर्बाद किया जा सके ,

March 7, 2020

Wuhan is the eighth largest industrial city
in China. America and Israel have destroyed China’s
economy by resorting to crona virus, this is a very dangerous game. montage 1 corona virus has spread to more than 70
countries of the world including Japan, Germany, USA, France, Canada, Russia. So far, 3200 deaths have been reported worldwide
due to corona virus infection and about 94,000 people are in the grip of it. 30 cases have also been reported in India,
corona virus is not only limited to your life an d health damage but also global economic
slow. Due to the down, its effect becomes more and
more frightening. In simple language, if you do business with
China, it will have a negative effect on the economy of the countries and its effect is
also visible for example – OECD Has reduced India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth
rate estimate for the year 2020 to 5.1 percent. Earlier, the OECD had estimated it to be 6.2
percent. This step has been taken in view of the impact
of the dangerous corona virus on the domestic as well as the global economy. In this era of globalization, some scary pictures
are also coming out and will come even if the situation is not controlled quickly. Because of this crona virus, it is going to
have a negative impact on 500 million people worldwide. Kuki is China – the largest exporter and second-largest
importer Understand how this will affect India’s business
45% of electronics goods are directly imported from China in India, 1/3 machinery and 2/5
organic chemicals also comes from China. 25% of the automotive parts aur fertilizers
also comes from China, 90% of mobiles phones and 70% of active pharmaceutical ingredients
also come from China, it is clear that the import dependency of India from China on Indian
economy is very high. There will be an impact and the post has been
too many things have become expensive and some are going to happen. Is there any opportunity for recruitment in
this crisis? CLSA report report states that the price of
items can increase by more than 10% due to supply chain issues in pharma, chemicals,
and electronics sector. It is necessary to tell you one thing here
that if the corona virus epidemic persists, then the pharmaceutical companies may have
to face the situation of shortage of essential ingredients. “Even medicines which are not made in China
are ready China supplies the essential things to be done. If India and China are hit by it, then there
can be a lot of drug addiction around the world. ”
2 Is corno virus a biological weapon? Different countries are talking about this
corona infection started from Wuhan, China and the interesting thing is that no one has
the evidence but is claiming to be correct with their own logic. Like Russia, Arabia, Syria, countries like
China are showing the same tricks of US and Israel for the corona virus spread in China. Russia says that corona virus is a biological
weapon made by America, which it has destroyed China’s economy. To be used against him. And another interesting thing is the foreign
media is saying that when China announced in 2003 that it has the world’s largest foreign
exchange reserves, then after this announcement, SARS suddenly spreads in China and Chinese
foreign currency reserves buy medicines from abroad. The tax runs out. Similarly, Syria says that the corona virus
has been used by the US to destroy its economy against China. Meanwhile, a question also arises as to why
the city of Wuhan was chosen when the corona virus is a biological weapon. So it was found that in reply, Wuhan is the
eighth largest industrial city in China. This city Health Services does not get much
attention so it was chosen to spread the infection Some countries are calling America and Israel
the originator of the corna virus, the same two countries are calling it China as its
parent. There is a laboratory called Off Virology
which along with the army there conducts research on this type of dangerous virus. China says that infections of the virus have
spread from the animal market of Wuhan, but it is now clear in research that this logic
of China has no power, the snakes and bats that were being talked about spreading the
virus are wrong. Because this virus is not found in snakes
and when the soup of bats is made and drunk, the virus is destroyed at high cooking time. It is said that corona virus minus 4 to 70
degrees. Can survive. What is Propagenda and whose name is not known
but it should be verified that from whose factory the corona virus has come out, it
is a matter of thinking whether biological weapon is used against China or China itself
falls in the pit to be dug for other countries. Fallen but the loss is due to Jan Manus, not
to humanity …………………….
Now you must have heard 3 terms Coronavirus, Novel Corona, Covid 19 What are
these three also know Take for example, HIV is a virus and the disease
that causes it is AIDS. COVID-19 is a disease also known as Coronavius
​​disease. The name COVID-19 is the official name given
by the World Health Organization for coronavirus disease. Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) – According to WHO,
corona virus is associated with c-food. Coronaviruses are named due to a crown-like
spike on their surface. 4 What is Corona virus? According to WHO, fever, cough, shortness
of breath are its symptoms. The special thing of this virus is that it
will take you weeks to see all these symptoms. There is no vaccine for this virus yet, China
has made vaccination. For 6 months and America has asked for 1 year
time, if you panic then the loss will be yours, you have heard a saying
Prevention Is Better Than Cure So here are some things you should know
1 The question that is being asked the most at this time is whether this disease or those
people who are in the grip of this disease, is it due to them eating meat? It is not at all the case that only meat eaters
will fall prey to this disease. Cleanliness is being asked to take more care
in the disease. If you notice, if a person is vegetarian and
he is not clean, then he can also come in the grip of this deadly disease. All over the world, people like to eat more
non-veg outside the house and there is no need to tell how higenic food is cooked outside. 2 How long does the coronavirus stay alive? Experts have found that the coronavirus lying
on the surface has survived for nine days. Not only this, he can survive from minus 4
to 70 degrees. Wash your hands every hour and remember to
use a sanitizer that contains up to 75 per cent alcohol. Do not say that I will drink peg by making
100% alcohol and I will crank it only crona virus Will not come, do not do
3 Corona virus has started in India, so National Institute of Virology, Pune is being made
the hub of all investigations. The final seal is being examined anywhere
in the country, niv Pune is being installed and it is being told that the sample is positive
or negative. It is taking 3 to 4 days to get the reports. There are currently 15 labs operating in India
and 19 more labs are planned to be built. 3 People are using masks and hand sanitizers
to avoid corona virus, but due to high demand in the capital Delhi, it has started to decrease. Even some masks or sanitizers used to be available
for Rs 150 are now getting up to Rs 250 in Delhi. What you do not have to do is also MEMORISE. The World Health Organization’s GUIDELINES
advises people to avoid getting infected with any respiratory
problems. It
is also advisable to keep hands clean regularly, especially after coming into contact with an infected person, away from domesticated
animals or wild animals. Eating raw or undercooked meat is
also forbidden. People infected with Corona virus have been
advised to save those standing in front of sneezing. Such as placing a cloth or tissue on the nose,
keeping a distance from the person standing in front, it is expected to take precaution
like regular cleanliness. The World Health Organization has found such
evidence in which cases of close to infected people have been confirmed. The reason for this is that in case of one
person in the family getting infected, the other one takes care of him. However, so far no clear evidence has been
found about the infection occurring outside it. Keeping hands clean, wearing masks and eating
advice are included.


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