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क्या आपके लिंग के सिर पर सूजन है और जलन भी होती है ? │ Balanitis │ Life Care │Health Education Video

August 21, 2019

Hello How are you ? i am fine doctor thank you what is your problem? actually doctor i am having pain and swelling in my penis and the upper skin has become tight doctor i think that it is some type of injury is there any irritation yes doctor the skin doesn’t go backwards during erection due to which i get problems while having sex have you consulted any urologist ? yes i have consulted i am using ointment prescribed by them since 3 months but its of no use so i came here if there is swelling in the front portion or the foreskin is tight then this type of infection called“Balanitis”according to the national health service UKBalanitisis a common condition that affects an estimated one in 20 males. balanitis can be a painful condition, but it isn’t a serious one. but it is not incurable it can be cured with proper medication thank god what are the causes of infection ? the main cause of infection is poor hygiene if you don’t maintain hygiene or don’t clean the penis properly the bacteria starts to develop The foreskin of the penis is an ideal place for bacteria to grow. if you are using scented soaps for bathing or don’t clean the penis properly then it will cause infection and irritation can arise if there are Injuries on the tip of the penis or injury on the foreskin then it may cause swelling and afterwards cause infection if you are taking any medications painkillers, antibiotics or sleeping pills balantitis may be caused due to the side effects of this medications diabetes and arthritis patients may suffer from this disease sexually transmitted diseases like herpes and gonorrhoea also can infection but is not common what are the precautions to be taken ? practicing good hygiene avoiding the use of perfumed or deodorizing products on your penis washing foreskin and completely drying the penis after you shower because moisture is the main reason for the growth of bacteria doctor one more thing can balantitis cause any serious complications the possible complications of balanitis include scarring in the penis opening painful foreskin retraction inadequate blood supply to the penis dermatitis Scar tissue in the penis opening can cause difficulty while urinating. scar tissues can cause phimosis which will affect your sex life and can cause impotence how it can be cured ? you have to get checkup done from urologist consult any experienced urologist this time to find out whether the infection is due to viral or bacterial or fungal reasons accordingly you will be given the cream or ointment if the exact reason is not diagnosed then biopsy test is carried out ok doctor i will go for checkup now thanks you are welcome


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