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رجعت للرياضة بعد ٤ أشهر weeks in my life: university, work, events | vlog 34

February 14, 2020

What’s this? Hi guys and welcome back to my youtube channel it’s been a while since I filmed a spontaneous vlog but I will take you with me and show you what I’ll be doing in the next days so I’m drinking my coffee with my beautiful view and then I will brush my teeth and go to my dentist his name is Dr. Apa and he’s well known in Dubai and in New York and now he’s in Dubai so I’m so excited to go and have a consultation and cleaning because it’s time for my teeth cleaning I usually do it every three months so that’s what we’re going to do so first we will do teeth cleaning with Dr. Faith I love her name we will do the cleaning then have a consultation with Dr. Apa so we’re done with the cleaning and I feel like my teeth are so clean I feel that, if you know what I mean You must do a cleaning every 3 months right? every 3 months? that’s what I usually do not every 6 months, as most people think so now we’re going to do x ray photos for my teeth there are a lot of things that dentists can’t see with their eyes so like that, they’ll get a clear picture to see if there’s anything wrong I hope not! so I forgot to film with Dr. Apa but basically he saw the photos, and there are a few things that I must change in my teeth because I have a few fillings that have changed in color and I have to replace them so I took an appointment and I will come to change them when he comes back to Dubai so it was a very good experience very professional honestly and now I’m going to uni so I want to go home first and get my books then go to uni it’s a little bit cold so I will wear a sweater just in case by the way, this t-shirt is from Balenciaga I got many questions on instagram and these jeans are from Agolde they’re ripped from the bottom and these sneakers are adidas so I got more organizers for my makeup table that will arrive on Sunday this is for the lipsticks and this is for the powders and I also ordered clothes so first we have this jeans they look big, but if you noticed that recently I’m really liking the straight legged jeans I’m not into the skinny ones because I just want to be comfortable honestly especially that I have uni and work everyday so I really want comfortable jeans and then I got a basic t-shirt it says Tokyo here, and I feel it’s really easy to wear I got this from nike, it’s a loose fit sweat pants and I really liked the material since it’s really thin so it will also be nice for the summer even if it’s black now it’s evening time, and I’m going to meet my cousin my cousin’s wife actually she came to Dubai for a few days so we’re going to have dinner I’m so tired by the way guys I don’t know how I woke up how I got ready and how I left the house you won’t believe how tired I am the alarm rang for an hour if not more and I woke up and realized that I’m so late so of course I wore a cap because I didn’t have time to do anything a normal black shirt and of course my sweat pants and yeah I’m going to uni now yay there’s sunlight but I’m so tired I can’t open my eyes so guys I transformed I put makeup I showered, I had my nails done and yeah basically I’m a new person and now i came to take Juliah, I’m waiting for her to come down and we’re going to the Fenty Beauty Master class Juliah: Hi baby girl Juliah: let me fix my hair Juliah: I told you that I need 5 minutes Juliah: I just arrived at that time, I don’t know how I finished and came down Juliah: Hi guys, oh my God I need to vlog again Natalie: guess who was in Lebanon and got sick Juliah: guys I went to Lebanon Juliah: I was so happy, and it wasn’t that cold there Juliah: second day I got sick, I came back to Dubai Juliah: and yeah I got really sick Juliah: it’s obvious from my voice Natalie: I hope you get well soon Juliah: thank you baby so now we’re going to a Sephora event and Fenty Beauty Master class and we’re so excited, but so tired, but really so excited Juliah: yeah we’re excited to learn some new tricks I’m back home they’re cleaning the house and here we have the Sephora bag which I’ll show you later on what I got and now I’m getting a bit of work done on my laptop so now I have a phone call meeting for Natalie Beauty so I talked about all of these on instagram stories, so I don’t want to bore you and say them again but of course on my vlogs I’ll be trying all these products, so of course I’ll let you know so today I got a cleaning company called Mckleenz to help me in cleaning especially the cupboards they’re very helpful and very clean so in case you want a cleaning service in Dubai definitely check them out I will put their link below this vlog is literally all over the place I don’t know what I filmed and what I didn’t film anyways, today was a tiring day I was all day at uni and now I’m back you have to bare with me, with all the stuff I’m ordering online and I’m unboxing them with you so I ordered more stuff for the kitchen all of these, let’s check them out together so here we have the chopping boards I got three one for fruits and vegetables, one for fish, and one for meat never mix your cutting boards and I really loved how it’s wooden there was no other option honestly only these plastic ones with ugly colors, and I don’t want them so I got those instead next we have kitchen knives I didn’t know that it’s that hard to find a sharp knife that cuts really good I couldn’t find them alone, so I had to get all this set pots so I got several pots so this is a stainless steel one there’s no place and then I got this What is this? What is this? I didn’t know it was that flat, I thought it was a little bit curved I honestly don’t know what’s that for Interesting that’s weird, it’s the first time I see such a thing let me know in the comments if you know what’s that used for and what can I use it for, in order to make use of it and not go to waste this is a peeler if I want to squeeze a lemon or such things, I thought it’ll be useful, I want to have everything needed I don’t want to deprive myself from anything what is this? did I once order a delivery and not have anything of which I ordered wrong? of course not! I ordered this glass tupperware and as always, I didn’t check the size and it came in a mini size it’s so small half a koussa *Lebanese food* fits in it, if not less I don’t know how it’s supposed to be used but I want to get more of those but bigger size and I loved that it’s glass I decided to lessen my use of plastics so yeah so we have on thing left, but I have the camera on it let me show you I got this box by the way guys look, they hang the tv yesterday I got this box to put stuff in it and we have the trash bin that most of you corrected my word in arabic so yeah I got this trash bin so I ordered one and I think it’s a good size for the kitchen hey guys! I can’t believe it’s been about a week since I last filmed I was just enjoying my time, relaxing, working out, going out with my friends I wasn’t filming, but now I’m back to end this vlog today or tomorrow so I’m a new person in the beginning of this vlog I was a different Natalie and from this part of the vlog on, I’m a new Natalie why? you’re asking yourselves so basically I’m back to working out I really transform when I do sports and be healthy I change a lot whether it’s how I look, skin my mood the period when I wasn’t taking care of myself influenced me badly not only for my outer look also honestly because it’s more important for me on the inside also my mood gets bad fast enough when I’m not taking care of myself and all these things so now I’m drinking this green juice I’ll show you in my next vlog how to do it, it’s so good! even if you don’t like vegetables, you’ll like it so let me take you back to when I first exercised after the 4 months break that I took let’s go Guys I’m with Dina! Dina: she was about to faint! Natalie: guys I fainted Natalie: look at my face, it’s yellow Natalie: guys I was literally about to faint, God bless her Dina: but you’ll do it again? Natalie: yes of course Dina: what are you saying God bless her, you completed your first class Dina: I didn’t stay through all my first class Natalie: anyways it was so good, so happy to be back Did you see that? I literally fainted because I’m not used to not doing sports for 4 months and I wasn’t going easy on myself, I was really pushing hard so I fainted and it wasn’t the best experience but now I’m going slowly everyday, doing cardio, exercising just to retrieve my power and then I’m going almost everyday to do some kind of workout so today I woke up early and as you saw on instagram I exercised in the gym of the building and then I went up home, showered, and did my green juice put some makeup on now I want to study a bit then get ready for uni then after uni I have a meeting and yeah this is my breakfast brown toast with organic peanut butter *name in arabic* and my coffee, this is my first coffee of the day so I’m going to eat because I’m starving after today exercise so this is my outfit today I’m going for all black and I’m wearing this t-shirt from miss guided it’s an oversized t-shirt and I tied it on here I have the Isabel Marant trousers on they’re so cool and my Fendi boots and Dior bag so I got back home I did some work and relaxed and now I’m going to exercise do you remember this do you remember in last week’s vlog when I was unboxing and I was shocked with my adidas shoes of size 44 of course you do, because it was obvious on my face that I was confused but it was funny tho so I gave them to someone in the reception in my building he was really happy and yeah, I won’t return it back and of course I won’t throw it so now I’m going to exercise I’m going to get Juliah and then we’ll go there we’re going to Barry’s bootcamp I’ve heard about it so much, so it’s my first time going there and I’m so excited, I heard that it’s a killer Natalie: yay welcome to the club Juliah: babe I swear! Natalie: you swear what? Juliah: I swear that we’re going to workout and I’m so excited because Juliah: I’m just going to let all the negative energy out Natalie: yes this is exactly what’s going to happen Juliah: and we’re walking from my house to barry’s Natalie: yup can’t wait! What is today’s class? abs right? Juliah: abs and chest Natalie: guys we are officially dead! It was so good tho Julia: oh my God, look at my face it’s so red! Natalie: you look like a tomato guys it started raining thank God we’re about to arrive to Dubai mall and it’s good that we have hoodies Juliah: are you enjoying the rain? Natalie: what? Juliah: are you enjoying the rain? Natalie: yeah Juliah: that was so random Natalie: no way it’s been so long since I came to Dubai mall Natalie: when I was living in the area, I was here every single day Literally Natalie: now we want to do our hair Natalie: because it’s been a really long time since I got my hair done Natalie: I deserve it Juliah: why don’t you do them curly? Natalie: yesterday I tried to do them as wavy, and look how they came out looking crazy Quick update! I didn’t do my hair yesterday, I got really sleepy after I ate my salad so I came back home, showered, and slept today I had uni early in the morning as usual for an hour, then I came back home I napped because I was so tired! and I think it was because of yesterday’s exercising, I got really tired I’m waiting for glamjam to come do my nails at home it’s for my friend so basically it’s an app that you download from the appstore and it’s called glamjam and you can order services home, for nails, hair, makeup and all these things so finally my makeup table is here! and my makeup storage so I can finally film my makeup tutorials, I’m just waiting for the ring light and the camera holder because I didn’t get them with me from Lebanon they are so heavy, so I thought I’ll get new ones here and I ordered them and the most important thing is that the chair is still missing, I don’t have a chair to sit on so yeah, other than that we’re almost done alright guys so today is Wednesday as you saw it’s 2 pm now, and the vlog must be up in a few hours so I don’t know how I’ll be able to finish editing upload it, then wait for it to be tranlated into english by my translator and yeah, it’s going to be a difficult day so I will finish the vlog now, thank you so much for watching don’t forget to like the video and subscribe if you loved me and see you next week


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    جمع سؤال اسئلة
    اي لوف يو ناتو ⁦❤️⁩ فروم الجيريا ⁦🇩🇿⁩

  • Reply Mariam Rayeq February 14, 2020 at 12:32 am

    مرحبا نتالي ، ممكن تعطينا نصائح عن الثقة بالنفس وخصوصي للي متلي كتير نحاف و مهما باكل ما بنصح ، عاملي مشكلة هالشي 🥀

  • Reply Hgjh Vhgf February 14, 2020 at 1:42 am

    هذاي الي قلتاي واش تسواي فيه هذاي يسواوانه لى خباز او أي شاي لا كان مثال الي يستعملوانه أهل سعوديه لى خبزا بأس تراهي مفيده بعاد مهي بريحه با فضاي

  • Reply Mirella Copty February 14, 2020 at 8:01 am

    بنعمل على المقلايه بان كيك

  • Reply Qabas riyadh February 14, 2020 at 10:03 am

    احلى نتالي بلعالم اموت عليج💕🌸
    نتالي عملي فديو شنو سويتي بعيد الحب 😘🌹🌹🌹

  • Reply Tala Araji February 14, 2020 at 12:28 pm

    “We’re a Swiss company but we are based in Dubai “ RIP Lebanon
    This make me so sad

  • Reply Lama zeer February 14, 2020 at 6:24 pm

    الشي الي ما عرفتي شو هو بالفيديو اسموا (صاجة ) بيعملوا فيه البانكيك والفطير والأشياء المسطحة وفيكي برضوا تسخني فيه الاكل:)♥

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