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March 7, 2020

Eat Good & Do Good What is the definition of the disease? Its dysfunction of the immune system and it is psychological before its physical dysfunction in addition to that, be optimistic and never give up or lose hope for example, I have cold (flu), inflammation in my throat, or arthritis but I must keep going and do my job The difference between healthy and sick person the healthy one is optimistic and withstands the disease he has a lot of disease, but he fight back and resist. but the sick one is surrendered and subservient when I ask him, How do you feel?
he says: I have a lot of diseases such as …., …. , … blah blah… etc. What are you saying and doing?!
Why all of this negative energy?!! so the disease is dysfunction of the immune system. it must be adjusted to return back to the normal then, What is the medicine or the treatment? if we said the disease is dysfunction of the immune system, so, the medicine should fix that dysfunction and restores balance to the immune system please, Do not forget to subscribe, and turn on the bill, please, thank you If I said I have dysfunction in my tummy, Acidity of the stomach then the first medicine is reduce that acidity and stay away from causes of acidity search for the reason and stop doing or eating it either it was food or drink you should stop eating or drinking it, and stay away from it too another example, if someone has constipation or problems in defecation If he searched for the reason, he would notice that was because of the chili he ate! so if he did not eat chili he would not suffer from the beginning. another one, who eats a lot of salty food, he feels nails in his heels and the doctor told him you should take Urosolvin effervescent granules before meals and zyloric after the meal and eat whatever you want! but that is too much (over)!!! it means its too much salts for the immune system to handle! and there are stones formed in the kidneys and caused a renal failure Its not about the medicine only! its about your feeding, you should watch the food that you eat another example, someone who has anemia he said i will take iron tablets iron injection, …. etc. you think that only is the treatment for the anemia?!
Not true!! There are intrinsic factors in stomach, protein, vitamin C, calcium, folic acid,… etc. There 13 factors as anemia treatment, to create blood cells so do not let any doctor fools you so the medicine or the treatment restore the balance to and adjust the immune system so if there is acidity, then you should take medicine which reduces acidity If there inflammations in nose for example, then you should use anti-inflammatory nose drop If there are high temperature and clod(flu), and I can not breath well so I have to take cortisone injection, so I can breath normally, its life saving Thank you for watching

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