Хорошая Кондиция – Тимспик NAVI APEX #7

December 17, 2019

Pathfinder cracked! I’m going in. – They’re about to do gown. – Pathfinder 1 HP. She changed armor! Knocked Robot. I’m healing up! You’re on your own. Killed him. Wattson on me. – They’re all dead. – Good job. You can go in. Gibra almost down, come in. I’m in. Wraith half HP. Wattson -100 HP, grenade behind us, we can’t go back. Wattson has 1 HP, killed her. One more squad below. And above us, s**t. More incoming! Stay alive. I don’t know… He is running away. He is inside. I’m alone, guys. I’m sure he’s thinking how to resurrect. Everything fine? Yes, thanks. – He is very low HP. – Me too. Wraith -100, what the **** is this? I’m healing up, be careful. Don’t overcommit. It’s inside, I’m coming. Click. Push, push, there are inside. More, there’s more. Kirill, you are in a very bad spot. More enemy there. Retreat, we need to regroup. I’m pushing. Healing up. He has 1 HP, Lifeline. Finish them off, I’m here. Got him. Good job. We can kill them here. I dealt 50 more damage, I’m pushing. I’m shooting the trap. It’s down. One more cracked. – Wraith 70. – Incoming. Pathfinder cracked. Wattson is low, I’m coming. I tagged him, but I need help. Pathfinder knocked. Wraith is knocked as well. – Are they pushing? – Yes, they are. I’m putting the teleport down. I will take a fight here. Wraith -100. Gibra -100. Knocked. Wattson -100. – Also knocked. Both are knocked. – I’m coming in. I got Wraith good, she was low. – Engaging. – Gibra 70. – I’m gonna ult. – Go ahead. – Dished out 45. Stacked. – Check the previous position. One of them is knocked. He’s going down. More enemies on the left!

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