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Гвинея Родина Эболы жизнь после эпидемии: бары трущобы рынки ночная жизнь.

February 12, 2020

It looks as follows. The restaurant is called President Obama. It is now becoming clear why there was an epicenter of Ebola disease. Now we guys will try exotic street food. First I will buy it, and then I will tell you what it is. Look in the slums, the girls in evening dresses walk. Well guys, now I’m in the capital of Guinea, the city of Conakry. Guinea is the most dangerous country in the world, in the likelihood of contracting various diseases. Plus, the population here is not very friendly in terms of photo and video shooting. It is also worth mentioning the police who are looking for a reason to get money from a white man. Tough Africa began to be felt immediately upon arrival. When we drove to the airport, we saw ruins, slums, rubbish and smelled strongly of slop. I find it difficult to answer the question of how I will continue to shoot video here. But I will try, see what happens. Now I will show you which hotel I settled in. Here is the hotel in which I live in the capital of Guinea. As I mentioned earlier, Guinea is on the list of the most dangerous countries in the world. Here we see the gate on which sharp teeth are located above. The whole hotel is surrounded by a fence. There we also see a fence on top of which there are sharp teeth. We were promised a hotel with sea views. Now I will show you what the sea is here. This hotel has a small nice bonus. A little deer lives here. A baby deer lives there. And this is the sea coast. I don’t know how you can see now because of the sun, but it is all littered with garbage. In this case, not everything was visible, since there was a tide. But in the evening, at low tide, everything is already becoming more clear. As you can see in the evening, local guys come to shore to do acrobatics. For their studies, they free themselves of a small area from the garbage. Now I will show the hotel on the other hand. The hotel has a nice pool. Again, the entire hotel is surrounded by a fence on which metal spikes are located. on which metal spikes are located. That is, the locals use it as a landfill. It turns out that you live on the sea coast and it is unlikely that you will be able to swim. Now I will show the room in the hotel in which I live. This is a room for 40 euros per day. Air-conditioned room. The presence of an air conditioner is very desirable, since in Guinea there is a very strong heat and it is not possible to sleep in such heat. It is highly recommended here to keep the temperature below +20 degrees, since at this temperature the activity of malaria mosquitoes decreases. The probability of contracting malaria in Guinea is one of the highest in the world. Plus, Guinea has become known around the world, since here was the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak. That is, it is not such a simple country, let’s go further and see what is here. Well, if we mentioned Ebola and are in the homeland of this disease, then it’s worth talking about it. In February 2014, the Guinea Epidemic of Ebola, a viral disease with a high mortality rate, began. No cure no vaccine for the disease then existed. The disease spread quickly in the country. And then the disease began to spread in other countries. In total, more than 21 thousand cases of the disease were detected during the outbreak period – in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Lyon, Senegal, USA and Spain. And later, the virus appears in some other countries. More than 10 thousand people died. The cause of the disease was the lack of education of the population, poor sanitary-hygienic traditions and a little study of the disease. On 29 December 2015, WHO announced the end of the epidemic in West Africa. In memory of the disease in Guinea, graffiti remained. The hotel owner also warned us, I don’t know whether you can see now or not that there are insects, the bites of which are very dangerous. Very large wounds remain from these bites. If the insect has landed on you, it’s better not to kill it, but simply brush it off. Yes, probably the owner of the hotel told me about this insect. There is a deer over there. This is a baby deer, a small nice bonus at the hotel. First, when exploring the capital of Guinea, the city of Conakry, we decided to go to the local markets. Since I think the markets are the most interesting and colorful places. And also most of all, they reflect the lives of local people. In the meantime, we’re going, I’ll tell you a story that an employee of one of the embassies told us. Which embassy, I will not say. How true this story is, I can not judge. At least its confirmation on the Internet, I did not find. Until 1958, Guinea was a colony of France. After independence, the French had to leave the country. So, during their departure, the French released a huge number of snakes, which led to large casualties among the local population. Here is a story. I repeat once again, since the story is true, I do not know. Affiliate Channel Advertising ends in 40 seconds. We arrived at one of the local markets where sellers told us that it is strictly forbidden to take photos and video here. Therefore, we didn’t take a long walk around the very entrance of the market and asked our taxi driver to take us to the next market. You hold your hand in your pocket on the remote control, and you just carry the phone. Vitaliy from Riga taught me this. How are you carrying the phone? You just carry it in your hand and shoot a video with an indifferent look, as if you are not interested in anything here. I have glasses that shoot a video. But taking points to such countries is dangerous. Yes, it’s dangerous, the spy will say. Even we have criminal penalties for this. Now I am in the market, everyone shouting can not be photographed. I don’t know how to shoot video here, but I’ll try. As you can see, in this part of the market we could seamlessly take photos and videos. But then, the next time we came to him, we were categorically forbidden to do this. Apparently, we were relatively speaking, the first tourist group that came to the market and started taking photographs without millet. And for local merchants it was a complete surprise and they simply did not know how to react. And here our guide agrees that we can take a walk in this part of the market and take something to photograph. But as I know from experience, a contract is one thing, and each person can have their own reaction to video shooting. Therefore, I was careful not to advertise my video camera. It’s like a smokehouse. Here you can take a selfie. A man stole a fish. A man draws like a bull pooping. In order to finish with the markets in this video and for you to have a complete picture of them about them, I will show you not a big plot yet. We left the fish smokehouse 5 minutes have passed already, but still my eyes are pinching, there is so poisonous smoke. Now we drive through the local market, there is a steady smell of slop and feces. This is probably the norm for these places. Naturally, there are shops in Guinea where all white people buy food. But I and some of my fellow travelers acted in ways that do not need to be done in such countries. We bought food at local eateries and on the street. It’s one thing when you are at home or in a hotel and theoretically discuss how to behave properly. Another thing is when you find yourself in a real environment and you are interested in trying the local exotic. But I’ll show you a little later. And now let’s go to a local store, see what is sold there and how much it costs. Now we have entered the Guinean store in Conakry and here we will see the prices. 10,000 Guinean francs equals $ 1 Having calculated a little, we learn that a bottle of sunflower oil costs $ 3.5 The guard in the store didn’t let me continue to shoot the video, but I will orient you on prices so that you understand what prices are in poor Guinea. And so a bottle of sunflower oil costs $ 3.5, two tomatoes cost $ 4, 1 small yogurt $ 1.5. You can compare how much these products cost in your country. advertising will end in 40 seconds Sometimes under my videos some viewers write, well, they say they’ve been to the country and haven’t shown a single attraction. I rarely visit standard attractions when traveling.


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    Я тоже там был в командировке, только в 1999 году. Манго там вкусные,и народ не злой(был). Одно яблоко около 1 Долл.в переводе.
    Районы Конакри 1 и 2 ,
    такси за смешные деньги и ночной клуб Mistral…
    Во время командировки принимали таблетки против малярии.

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  • Reply Monna Romel February 12, 2020 at 8:37 am

    Навязчивые рекламы- достали. Что, совсем туго с деньгами? Пойди работать

  • Reply Доржо Будаев February 12, 2020 at 9:34 am

    Зачем делать анонс уже не интересно смотреть

  • Reply Ariel Koren February 12, 2020 at 11:55 am

    Лови дизлайк

  • Reply Alex ! February 12, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    После того как то то попробывал летучую мышь весь мир в акуе

  • Reply Katharina Schmidt February 12, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    Как они умудряются всё так засрать?Если бы немцы там жили то всё было бы по высшему уровню

  • Reply Илья Муромец February 12, 2020 at 7:36 pm

    за фтс сразу диз и жалоба,это плевок в лицо подписчиков!реклама мошенников зашквар!

  • Reply Илья Муромец February 12, 2020 at 7:38 pm

    3 рекламы в ролике,такого зашквара я давно не видал…

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