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November 7, 2019

Today we talk about
ailment according to official statistics
in our country every year sick about 1.5 million
man, and the peak of his incidence falls on autumn and winter
period. Pneumonia is the topic of today
release. Hello my good! Pneumonia is acute
infection with focal lesions of the lungs,
accompanied by the exit fluid inside the alveoli
(respiratory bubbles). Most often the disease strikes
children under two years old and adults over sixty
five years old. In addition, at risk
included people with weakened immunity due to harmful
habits (smoking, alcoholism, addiction), AIDS and diabetes. Although pneumonia
quite well treated antibiotics even at 21
century, it remains deadly occupying a dangerous disease
fourth place in the list major causes of death
population. Inflammation of the lungs was
described by Hippocrates in the IV century BC. e. In 1875, Edwin Klebs for the first time
identified bacteria in the respiratory the ways of the patient who died
from pneumonia. Between 1900 and
1937, pneumonia was one of the main reasons
mortality competing only with tuberculosis. A revolution in the treatment of pneumonia
did penicillin which in 1928 from the mold allocated
BUT. Fleming. But to use penicillin
started only in 1943. From that moment
began a gradual decline mortality from pneumonia. One of the main reasons
development of pneumonia is bacterial
infection. These are pneumococcal bacteria.
and staphylococcus; Gram-negative microorganisms for example
Friedland wand, hemophilic wand, E. coli,
legionella; mycoplasma; viruses (rhinoviruses, coronaviruses,
herpes, parainfluenza, influenza); fungal infections. Often determined by mixed
infection. Among non-communicable
causes of pneumonia should be called: injuries
chest ionizing radiation exposure
toxic substances, allergic reaction. In most cases, microbes
inhaled into the lungs air containing microbes
as well as from the mouth and pharynx during sleep. In healthy people, microorganisms,
penetrated into the lungs are displayed using cilia lining
bronchi, when coughing, and also die under the influence
immune cells. If these protective mechanisms
violated, conditions are created to “fix” pathogens
in the lungs where they breed, causing inflammation which
gradually spreading hitting more surrounding
tissues. In the alveoli accumulates
disturbing fluid oxygen exchange due to
what is respiratory developing failure. Patient with inflammation
lungs can disturb: temperature rise
up to 38-40 degrees, chest pain, shortness of breath, cough – like wet,
so dry and painful, sputum – from
mucous to purulent, sometimes streaked with blood; pain
in the chest; severe weakness; heavy night sweats
headaches, rapid heartbeat. When viewed from a patient
audition wheezing in chest and hard breathing. Although pneumonia
– lung disease, she can lead to complications
as pulmonary (pleural effusion; empyema
pleura; lung abscess; acute respiratory failure;
acute respiratory distress syndrome), never pulmonary
(hepatitis, encephalitis, otitis media, anemia, mastoiditis, psychosis,
meningitis, sepsis and septic shock, disseminated syndrome
intravascular coagulation blood). With severe pneumonia,
when a big hit part of the lung and collapse
organ tissue due to exposure toxins on the body can
develop heart, respiratory and liver failure
infectious-toxic shock, renal failure
and etc. If you suspect pneumonia,
to establish an accurate diagnosis, spend: survey radiography
chest organs in front and side projection;
general and biochemical analysis blood; sputum culture for
pathogen determination pneumonia and its sensitivity
antibiotics; rate oxygen content in
blood; in severe cases diseases also
blood culture To diagnose the most frequent
complications of pneumonia – pleurisy and abscess (abscess) of the lung
– computer is used tomography and ultrasound
research in dynamics. Fibrobronchoscopy conducted
with suspected tuberculosis lungs, as well as for diagnosis
foreign body tumor bronchus Treatment of pneumonia is always
is a complex process with which can
cope only well doctor. For this reason should not
make independent measures that may be the opposite
significantly complicate the situation. Reverse pneumonia
takes from 1 to 1.5 months. It should be clearly understood
what self treatment and taking medication
drugs, with inflammation organ of the respiratory system
is not valid. This will cause the patient
even more harm and only will contribute further
spread of infection. Antibiotics, which are prescribed
the doctor is the basis of therapy pneumonia however
besides them there is a whole a series of prescriptions directed
for a speedy recovery. First treatment
inflammation of the lung suggests bed rest. Patients are advised to refuse
from smoking, more rest and drink as much as possible
fluid. Should be carried out regularly
airing the room in which the patient is
and carry wet cleaning Protect the patient from physical
loads. To fill his diet with calories
and useful products: yogurt, kefir, vegetables, fruits,
boiled meat, broth, juices. Patient pneumonia should
consume a large amount drinking water. Warm drinking promotes
formation and expectoration sputum that accumulates
in the airways. With mild severity
patient’s condition treatment can be done at home
what can be said about pneumonia moderate to severe
which require urgent hospitalization. Patients with signs of intoxication
the body spend infusion therapy. To reduce the temperature
bodies use nonsteroid anti-inflammatory
facilities. Traditionally patients
with pneumonia is prescribed expectorant and mucolytic
drugs, bronchodilators, immunostimulants, vitamins,
antihistamines. Currently, with timely
visiting a doctor, medicine allows you to successfully cure
any form of pneumonia, regardless of degree
manifestations of symptoms. And that’s it for today! Take care of yourself and loved ones! Put your fingers up! subscribe to the channel
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health news and medicine! Health to you!


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